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100% Double grade record continues!!!!!

On February the 26th 2011 students from Huddersfield Thai Boxing once again travelled to Master Sken academy headquarters in Stockport to be graded to the highest possible standards in muay thai by Grand Master Sken. Once again all students from Huddersfield Thai boxing achieved prestigious "double grades" that acknowledged the quality and high technical standards that are becoming the hallmark of Huddersfield Thai boxing. The reputation of Kru David Riley for producing excellent students is growing as more and more of his students excel under his guidance and instruction. At this grading three students became Kru Rileys first "senior" brown armbands. Congratulations to all who took part...NEXT TIME IT COULD BE YOU!!! REALIZE YOUR POTENTIAL IN MUAY THAI! BE A CHAMPION IN LIFE! JOIN HUDDERSFIELD THAI BOXING!