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On October 2nd 2010 Huddersfield thai boxing instructor David Riley took his first group of students to Master Sken Academy in Stockport to undertake their first grading in Muay thai. The grading was conducted by Grand Master Sken. Grand Master Sken instructs and grades to the highest possible standards in Muay Thai. He is constantly pioneering and developing the boundaries of knowledge and performance in Muay Thai, with this in mind it is with great pride and pleasure i can announce that every student from Huddersfield Thai boxing achieved a prestigious "double grade". A "double grade" is awarded when a student is deemed to have excelled in grading and shown great dedication to Muay Thai training. "Double grades" allow the dedicated and talented student to progress through the grading syllabus quicker and achieve higher grades. Congratulations to all who graded. Next time it could be you! come and fufill your full potential at Huddersfield Thai boxing!

Instructor David Riley would like to thank his students for all their hard work and enthusiasm. He would also like to thank Kru Jason Powell for all he taught him. The biggest thank you goes to Grand Master Sken who is a constant source of inspiration as a mentor and teacher, and along with his senior instructors and staff always make myself and my students feel welcome and inspired.