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Here at Huddersfield Thai boxing we are incredibly proud to be a Grand Master Sken club. Kru David Riley feels extremely lucky and privledged to have a genuine world class martial artist and person such as Grand Master Sken as his teacher and mentor. It is Kru Rileys firm belief that any future students should research Grand Master Sken and his teaching methods so they are aware of what a wonderful opportunity they have by joining Huddersfield Thai boxing, thus having access and direct contact with the man himself and his teachings. The information that follows is a very brief history of Grand Master Sken for a more in depth account of Grand Master Skens fascinating life story please visit


Grand Master Sken is the chief instructor at the Master Sken Academy (MSA) based in Stockport. He was one of the first Thai masters to bring the art of Muay Thai over to the west over 32 years ago.

His knowledge of Muay Thai and Muay Boran is comprehensive yet he endeavours to keep on learning and adapting his fighting system. Even among his peers, he is one of the most respected and valued teachers in the world. His teaching and training methods have produced numerous exceptional coaches and (World, European, British) champions in Muay Thai and western boxing.