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  • 3rd Degree Red/Green armband Instructor
  • University of Huddersfield Muay-Thai team head coach 2012-2015
  • Inducted into the MAI Hall of Fame 2015
  • First aid trained
  • Has worked for Kirkless council and local schools teaching Thai boxing
  • Taught Students from scratch to European champion


Kru Leon Shaw has been training for over 15yrs and has double graded throughout the grading system, he competes at inter club competitions. His high level of technical ability was recognised by Grand Master Sken when Leon became part of the MSA demonstration team, performing at some of the largest martial arts events in the country. Leon completed his MTQ instructors qualification with distinction in 2013 after many hours spent learning one on one with Grand Master Sken and is now a fully qualified Muay-Thai Instructor.


Kru Rick Haw has trained Muay-Thai for many years and has constantly been one of Kru David Riley's outstanding students. Kru Rick excelled throughout the grading system, is a integral member of the demo-team and is expanding his knowledge by continuing to compete in the ring. Kru Rick has trained at top gyms in Thailand and passed his MTQ instructors qualification in 2013 after many hours spent learning from Grand Master Sken personally. He is now a fully qualified Muay-Thai Instructor.


Kru James has over 20yrs experience of training in Muay-Thai training under Grand Master Woody then Grand Master Sken. He has performed at many national demonstrations as a senior member of the MSA demo team, has one of the highest grading records in the country, is an excellent cornerman and is a former karate champion and now a fully qualified MSA instructor.


Here at MSA Huddersfield Thai boxing we believe that the benefits of Muay-Thai should be accessible to all. It is also our ambition to offer a real sense of progression and learning to all our students through inter-club competition and the grading syllabus. We are a high quality, friendly and dedicated club. Our beliefs are inextricably linked to those of Grand Master Sken and his MSA organisation for more information go to We do not exist merely to create champion fighters in the ring, our aim is to create champions in life! Through our well structured teachings we believe that the health and social benefits that long term training provides can fundamentally change peoples lives by increasing self-control, confidence and self belief.   

Learning never ends!

Be a champion in life!